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Audi A8 for Business

Companies looking for large executive lease cars can’t go far wrong with the Audi A8; it has all the refinements you would want from an executive car and still has room for a little sporty styling. Businesses leasing an Audi A8 will discover they have one of the most luxurious new Audi cars around, with plenty of space for the driver and an ample boot for storage.

Audi produces some of the most safety conscious cars around, and the A8 does not disappoint in that department, it comes complete with ABS with EBD, and the ESP function as well. Adjustable headrests ensure optimum support and they have installed eight air bags, with two-stage deployment in the front and a ring bag for the driver.

When leasing the Audi A8, there are five engine options to choose from, 2.8 litre and 3.2 litre FSI V6, there is a 4.2 litre FSI V8 all without Quattro or the 5 and 6 litre versions that come with the Quattro system. Depending on the size of the engine it will travel between 20.8 mpg and 28.5 mpg and has a pick up from 0-60mph of between 5.1 and 8.0 seconds.  For the fuel conscious there are also two-diesel version available both with Quatrro but not the LWB, the 3.0 litre V6 and the 4.2 litre V8.

The Audi A8 is packed full of driver assistance and comes with night vision, adaptive cruise, parking assist and pedestrian detection. The interior is equally as grand as the outside is sleek; even the back seat passengers can control temperature, windows and sound. This car is the perfect Audi for business users and will enable them to reach meetings in style.

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