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Most Fuel Economic Cars

Gone are the days when the most important questions asked by a customer were how fast does it go, what’s the price and how’s its pick up. Today’s cost conscious shoppers are more interested in a car’s green credentials, its CO2 emissions, combined km/ gram and downsized engine.

One thing is certain; fuel prices are not likely to come down, therefore to be successful, cars need to be more fuel economic and efficient. So what are the best buys for your green pounds?

Smart CDI – 85.6 mpg

How perceptions change, 10 years ago when the Smart car was released it was treated as a novelty car, one that 8 year olds wanted to drive when they grow up. Well now they are driving them in droves and the concept of the town car has really caught on. With the addition of eco-technology the Smart car produces a massive saving on running costs at an incredible 85.6 mpg.

Citroen C3 1.6 Hdi – 74.3 mpg

Packing the super efficient 1.6 litre turbo diesel that has become the industry standard for the eco-engine, is the C3 Airdream. Aerodynamically designed, well built and providing a punchy response, the Airdream travels over 74 mpg and is the first Citroen to produce under 100 g/km of CO2 emissions.

Volvo S40/V50 – 72.4 mpg

For the green family after a big car, Volvo have the friendly S40, with its DRIVe technology, 1.6 litre engine and stop/start button, it comfortably transports the family goods and all for over 72 mpg. The Volvo S40 offers big car space with small car tastes.

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  1. The Volvo..I have been in and I must say its a proper car..The Smart is ok for headlines but the V50 is an every day vehicle….We couldn’t get it to do 72mpg the best we had was 66mpg and that wasn’t drive like Miss Daisy was in the back. Though the badging on the back is a little naff.

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