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Sat Nav in your rear view mirror

Like it or not, the Satellite Navigation system is here to stay, unless of course all of the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites fall out of their orbits or an Electromagnetic Pulse wipes out all of our technology.  To be honest if either of these apocalyptic scenarios occurred, I think that we would have bigger things to worry about.

Ford Sat Nav Mirror

As car gadgets go Sat Nav has in many ways been a boon to the stressed traveller and they do occasionally provide some very amusing stories of people driving into rivers and up mountains because their Sat Nav told them to.  Let’s be honest these are the type of people with such a lack of common sense that they would create news stories even without the aid of technology.

Garmin and Wollnikom have come up with another innovation for Ford, called the MirrorNavi.  This little device is a Satellite Navigation and rear view mirror all in one.  The device replaces the regular rear view mirror in your Ford and because it is a retro-fit device it can go in your new Ford as well as your used Ford.

The specification is fairly impressive and in addition to the usual voice and on screen instructions to get you to your destination, you are able to issue voice commands to the unit and a feature called Traffictrends predicts traffic levels on your chosen route.  My personal favourite feature is that of lane guidance, something difficult in heavy traffic given that guidance signs are sometimes displayed when it is too late to change lanes.

The price for the unit is £300 plus fitting which is expensive by today’s standards but when fitted it is very tidy and does not need to be hidden from view.

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