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Top Car Leasing Deals

Figures released by a leading car leasing website have shown that, not surprisingly, the Volkswagen Golf still continues to dominate the lease car market according to figures just out.  VW Golf is the most searched for vehicle on the Internet when it comes to looking for a lease car deal and this has been the case for well over two years now.

Audi A5

Last year the top ten were predominantly German producers and twelve months later this is still the case.  Their reputations for manufacturing good, strong and reliable cars are all factors that hold sway in the contract leasing market.  German engineering has always traded on these factors and along with their low rate of depreciation they are ideal lease cars. Surprisingly, one of the biggest changes over the year has been the old favourite, the Ford Fiesta dropping out of the top ten list, many put this down to Ford’s price increases and the poor contract leasing deals available.

Other models joining the Golf in the top ten are the second placed Mercedes Benz C Class saloon, and joining them is the Audi A5, BMW 3-series and 5-series and the Audi A3.  The Volkswagen in particular epitomises what many car users are looking for, stylish looks, excellent handling and lots of storage space, it has good residuals, holding its value well so it is ideal for leasing. When looking into car leasing deals it is best to consider models that don’t depreciate quickly as you could end up paying more long-term.

The top ten searched for cars between June 2009 and May 2010 were as follows:-

 1) Volkswagen Golf

2) Mercedes Benz C-Class saloon 

3) Audi A5

4) Nissan Qashqai

5) Jaguar XF 

6) Range Rover Sport  

7) BMW 3-Series

8) Audi A3  

9) BWM 5-Series saloon

 10) Volvo XC90

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