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No More Cheap Car Insurance for Female Drivers

The European Union ruling regarding sex equality laws will put an end to the niche insurance market that provides cheaper car insurance for women drivers. It has been decided that  the current practice of offering reduced premiums to female drivers is in breach of the legislation.

At present it is common practice within car insurance for companies to charge female drivers lower premiums than their male counterparts. This is due to the fact that statistically, female drivers are less likely to have an accident than their male counterparts and if they are unlucky enough to crash the claims tend to be lower as the speeds involved are not as fast.

Juliane Kokott, Advocate General for the European Court of Justice said that the current practice breaks EU legislation concerning equal opportunities and discrimination. The court’s decision will spell the end to cheaper car insurance for female drivers.

The statistics have lead to a number of insurance companies operating in a women only market and insurers like Shiela’s Wheels and Diamond offering preferential cheap car insurance deals to women drivers.

Conservative MEP, Ashley Fox said that the whole idea was “madness” and  the European Court of Justice’s decision would not only mean the end to cheaper car insurance for women but would also put many jobs in the industry at risk.  He believes that advantageous premiums are not based on discriminatory decisions but on solid facts. Women have fewer accidents than men and therefore cost insurance companies less too.

It has also been advised that women drivers looking for cheap insurance deals should shop around, as they will quite often find better deals all over the Internet.

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  2. nice pic of three girls in pink. I also like the classic car…:)

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