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The Dangers of Driving

Some men might think they possess driving skills worthy of a starring role in the film the Fast and the Furious, but the truth is male drivers are far more at risk on the UK’s roads than their female counterparts – and unfortunately it’s not just their cars which are being damaged.

Having examined the official facts and figures from the Department for Transport, Autonet Insurance Group is urging all drivers – and men in particular, to be more safety aware on the roads.

As you can see from the image a staggering 2538 people die a year on average as a result of road accidents in the UK. The chances of being killed in a car accident are as low as 1 in 200 with men accounting for 76% of all road fatalities.

Your chances of being killed in a train crash are 1 in 65,000 whilst your chances of being struck by lightning have the same odds as winning the lottery at 1 in 14 million! So you’re more likely to be killed on your way to purchase a lottery ticket than you are to actually win the jackpot.

Some facts:

Men account for 76% of all road fatalities with 77% of victims being aged between 15-59 years of age. car occupants are the most at risk with 70% of all fatalities on the UK”s roads.

Speed is the biggest factor with 49% of fatal collisions occuring over 55mph. You are 2.8 times more likely to have a crash whilst using a mobile phone, and August is the month most fatal collisions occur.

A single road death costs the UK economy £1.7 million.

London and the south East have the highest number of serious incidents:

  • London – 5187
  • South East – 4773

The Most Dangerous Roads Are:

  • In the UK: A537 Through the Peak District, known as the Cat & Fiddle. 34 killed or seriously injured a year.
  • In the World: The North Yungas Road, known as “The Death Road” in Bolivia, where 300 people die a year.

To view the infographic in its entirety and see all the facts and figures click here.

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