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Why Buying Approved Used Cars

 If you are looking for a new car, an approved car may provide you with just the solution. Approved used cars have been through stringent mechanical checks and ensured it meets some very rigid and particular criteria before it is offered up for sale.

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Dealers offering these used cars for sale are guaranteeing their condition and durability in a package that makes buying a new car simple.

There are a wide range of benefits that dealerships offer under the approaved car scheme but most include:-

* The vehicles full service history, showing that a qualified mechanic has regularly maintained it.

* A report guaranteeing the cars history and confirming that it is now stolen, subject to a loan agreement or has been written off or scrapped.

* Most approved vehicles are nearly new cars with low mileage.

* Many dealers offer a 100-point check by an ex by an experienced mechanic and confirmation that any faults that are discovered have been rectified.

* A free 12-month warrantee covering all mechanical parts.

* Approved used cars can often be purchased under a wide range of finance schemes and payment initiatives.

* Part-exchange on your current vehicle.

* National coverage. The scheme operates nationally and using larger databases gives you access to more quality used cars.

The security of an approved car will cost you more than a private sale and their the scheme is only covered by national garages. When viewing a car check whether it is covered under the approved initiative as not all cars sold through dealers will necessarily included.

When searching for used cars on the Internet, look out for the “Approved Used” button to narrow down your search. You will also find that many manufacturers websites offer an “Approved Used” facility in their own site searches.

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  1. Used cars which are approved are much more reliable than the ones which are not approved as it is an indication that the car available for sale is defected or may cause trouble in the long run. So always go for the used cars that are approved.

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