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Used Cars – The Most Reliable of the Year

Anybody buying a used car will inevitably always want to do some research into the cars’ reliability before making a purchase. This is generally due to the fact the car is not likely to be covered under warranty, making any repair and additional expense. Couple this with the fact that used cars are commonly perceived as being more likely to develop faults than a brand new car, owing to the amount of time they have been on the road.

Research carried out by Warranty Direct recently has shown that the most reliable used car is a used Peugeot 207. The Peugeot 207 came out on top with just one in 17 cars needing attention throughout the year (outside of service).

Coming in second and third place respectively were the Fiat Panda and Peugeot 206 CC, making this a very positive review for Peugeot.

The results were founded from roughly 20,000 policies on European cars that have been in running for between three and seven years. The poll also gave points for low running costs, low rate of failure and lowest repair cost.

To many, these results may seem a bit strange, as many people have a negative opinion with regards to the reliability of Peugeots; however, Duncan McClure (from Warranty Direct) said “data doesn’t lie – these cars are very dependable’.

Mercedes and the Renault did not come so well in the results. Despite the fact Mercedes made it into the top 10 with their SLK models, the Mercedes SL models had an astonishing 47% fault rate during a warranty, with 36% of claims being made in relation to various suspension issues. The average repair cost for an SL came in at a colossal £742. The Renault Espace had the highest incident rate at 54% and a surprisingly high £491.26 average repair bill. This is astounding, considering the majority of us, would consider Renault a reliable and inexpensive company. The BMW 7 Series had the most expensive claim which came in, in excess of £7,000.

The top 10 most reliable used cars of the year:

Car Incident Rate Average Repair Cost
Peugeot 207 6% £331.92
Fiat Panda 14% £195.95
Peugeot 206 CC 17% £185.40
Volkswagen Polo 18% £190.48
Renault Clio 21% £173.40
Volkswagen Beetle 20% £198.25
Smart Forfour 25% £194.67
Volvo S40 23% £223.13
Peugeot 107 21% £248.46
Mercedes SLK 17% £296.73

The five least reliable cars:

Car Incident Rate Average Repair Cost
Mercedes SL 47% £742.10
Range Rover 53% £499.43
Renault Espace 54% £491.26
Mercedes S Class 47% £505.22
BMW 7 Series 45% £514.40

It would seem that used car buyers are better off sticking to various used Peugeot models, rather than opting for the luxury of a Mercedes or Range Rover if they do not wish to have expensive and recurring payouts.

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  1. going for a peugeot is a wise choice they are very reliable cars!

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