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Lexus – Luxurious & Economical Cars

For some time now Lexus have been at the forefront of green vehicle technologies. Their full hybrids are the most technologically advanced available, offering excellent co2 emissions and high mpg.

Lexus invest heavily in lowering emissions, striving to achieve zero emissions. From pioneering hybrid technologies, to reducing the environmental impact of its operations, the company believe that environmental sustainability is the single biggest challenge facing their industry and our society this century.

A hybrid is a vehicle which has two power sources, over the years hybrids have come in many forms. Currently shaping the future of hybrid motoring is the petrol/diesel engine with an electric motor. Hybrids are available in micro, mild and full variants. Full hybrids can be powered by the electric motor alone or by both engine and motor. When running at low speeds or when starting the vehicle, a full hybrid can run directly from the electric motor alone producing ZERO Co2 emissions as well as using NO fuel.

The Lexus Range of Green Cars includes the world’s first full hybrid luxury compact car, the CT200h.  With only 96g/km co2 emissions and  a combined driving mpg of just 68.9mpg the CT200h falls into band A classification for vehicle excise duty, giving it a zero road tax charge, and a company car tax benefit in kind of just 10%, which is quite an incentive to own one.

As well as the compact CT200h Lexus offer a 4×4 car which is powered by Lexus Hybrid drive technology. The RX450h produces a combined mpg of 44.8 and co2 emissions of 145g/km, the hybrid 4×4 not only offers breath-taking performance but also significantly lower co2 emissions to other 4×4’s.

For those not quite ready for the ‘quiet revolution’ there is the LS200d which comes in sports saloon or convertible variants. The impressive diesel engine boasts excellent fuel economy at 55.4mpg and improved lower fuel emissions of just 134g/km.

Cutting co2 emissions should be at the top of everyone’s priorities, preserving our planet for future generations. Lexus are making a commitment to find more environmentally friendly ways to keep us on the road, as well as striving to be more energy aware in every aspect of their business from product design and production right through to logistics and end of life recycling. The benefits are not just to the planet but also to consumer’s wallets with lower running costs. Green motoring is definitely the way forward.

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