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Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover is expecting audacious things from its…well rather audacious looking Evoque. The car offers the fuel economy of a mid ranged Ford Focus in a chassis that is actually shorter – not very Land Rover – the company is expecting 90 per cent of Evoque sales to come from customers new to the Land Rover brand.

First impressions are good, with the car feeling every bit as robust as its larger brothers, though the cockpit position is a little lower.  It’s a stunning looking vehicle both inside and out, a real breath of fresh air in this market. Hence the notable projection in sales.

The Evoque comes in a range of sizes and styles and has a wide range of engines to choose from. Driving the Evoque feels great, it’s nicely weighted and offers a quick response to any movement for a 4×4, though there is some roll on corners the brakes work hard to bring it to a halt.

Under the bonnet is a selection of four cylinder engines. The car develops 150, 190 and 220bhp from its range of engine sizes, all of which return excellent fuel economy and don’t compromise on power. The 2.2 190BHp diesel manages a very steady 44mpg. Land Rover also have a wild one on the cards – a 300bhp version derived from the 2.4 petrol model. This engine is also set to be used in the next generation of Ford Focus.

Looking at the Evoque, you would never guess it has a ground clearance of only 15mm less than the Range Rover Sport. It may not be as nimble through the bends as some sports cars; but it’s certainly just as desirable as the likes of VW’s Scirocco or Audi’s TT.

The cars beauty is added to by its great design. The Evoque really stands out from the crowd, including its Land Rover siblings due to both its size and shape. It’s sleek and sporty, yet manages to appear in no way flimsy. It offers style and a certain amount elegance while remaining rugged. The baby Range Rover truly is designed beautifully from top to bottom.

The cockpit feels like something that came straight from a concept car and the driving position is excellent compared to other cars that keep many features from the concept stages. It certainly feels luxurious but is not disengaged in anyway and as previously mentioned the driving experience is great!

Overall the Evoque is beautiful and feels quality, a real luxurious yet very capable motor.

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