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So, what do women want when buying a car from a dealership? We have a look at how women feel they are treated when buying cars and the improvements dealerships are trying to make to attract more female customers.

Recent statistics have shown that 3 out of 5 women felt that car dealers talked down to them or patronised them when they were buying a car. Obviously, it doesn’t take Sigmund Freud to work out that women don’t enjoy being patronised.

Just over 90 per cent of women over the age of 35 own or have access to a car, which makes them a substantial part of the market. So, what are dealers doing to encourage more females into their dealerships and just how can dealerships improve their service for female drivers?

Within the UK Women make up for the majority of new car purchases, so the levels of dissatisfaction are simply not good enough and are something which needs to urgently be addressed by dealers, especially in these times of difficulty, dealerships just cannot afford for potential sales to be walking out the door.

Some dealerships have already cottoned onto this fact and introduced more female sales assistants in their show rooms to encourage more empathy. Women find dealing with women easier and they don’t seem to patronise them in the same manner some male sales people would.

Others offer a more supporting and educational type of sales process that is as far away from patronising as possible. This involves sales people moving away from automobile terminology and being the know-it-all sales person and adopting a more straight talking approach.

Advertising changes are also necessary. Dealerships have to move away from the macho image associated with engines and all things greasy and have a more female orientated marketing campaign. This will prevent female customers from feeling alienated and encourage them to buy cars.

Helping women with car insurance and encouraging them to take up the perks of being a woman driver by offering information is also a great way for dealers to build a rapport. Tailoring services to help women get the best deal when buying a new car can work wonders for a dealer’s popularity. Remember how many car buyers purchase cars through word of mouth? Well by aiding women in this way dealers will be sure to increase sales.

All of these simple techniques have a very positive effect on levels of sales, it’s all about equality!

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    Interesting piece, would be interested in having a chat.


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