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10 Top Green Cars

Green vehicles are not only good for the environment, but can save you a bomb when it comes to fuel and tax. So, here are Automotive Blog”s top ten green combustion engine vehicles.

Chevrolet Volt

The Volt manages to be a hybrid but works solely as an electric until above 35mpg, giving it a combined figure of 93MPG. The car uses a petrol motor above that and has a range of 400 miles or more. It produces an amazingly low 52g per kilometre driven.

Honda Insight

The Insight is another hybrid and probably the cheapest of the lot. This Honda is a pretty little car that performs heroics here with 40MPG in built up areas and 42MPG outside of them. The car comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a navigation system shows Honda’s love of innovation and will so suit gadget lovers. It creates 80g of carbon per kilometre.

Smart Car

The Smart is the smallest of all cars and also one of the most efficient. The Smart car fits in the tinniest of spaces, is ideal for the city, is a well built mini car and produces only 86g of carbon per kilometre.

Seat Ibiza ST S 1.2 TDI

The Ibiza Estate one of the few cars of this size, that stays below the 100g per kilometre threshold. This Seat is a bright, functional and also a roomy and stylish machine with good build quality and Spanish flair. It produces only 89g of carbon per 100kilmetres travelled.

Toyota Prius

The old star of the show, the Prius manages a very decent 51mpg in the city and 48mpg outside of the confines of a built up area. The car doesn’t force you to change your driving habits unlike most hybrids. It has carbon emissions of 89g per kilometre and still looks on the button today

Fiat 500 0.9 TwinAir

The little Fiat remake is also a great option for those that want to fulfil a green obligation. It also provides 28mpg in the city and 38mpg otherwise and only 92g of carbon per kilometre. The car is chic, sensible and most importantly stylish.

Alfa Romeo MiTo 1.3 JDtM

The clever and beautiful Alfa MiTo JDtM has a combine fuel consumption of 47.5mpg and also super quick performance. This car offers Italian style and also bucket loads of cool and only produces 95g of carbon per kilometre.

Toyota iQ

For something small but still well able the Toyota iQ. This car is as forward thinking as anything that Toyota has come up with and combines a city savvy design with an excellent and nippy .litre engine which only creates carbon emissions of 99g per kilometre.

VW Golf BlueMotion 1.6TDI

The injected turbo diesel Golf is a frugal machine and offers 30mpg and 42MPG respectively. The car is also a great drive, is sturdy and reliable and a name you can trust. VW diesels also have immense pulling power, should you need it, and they only produce 99g per kilometre travelled.

Volvo S40Drive ES

Famed for their strength and safety features, the Volvo’s S40 is a very stylish and solid family car that manages to produce just 1g less than 100g of carbon per kilometre – a very rare achievement for a car of this size.

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  1. Surely electric cars should feature more stongly here, despite issues with charging time and distance travelled per charge, they are surely the future of green transportation?

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