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Worlds First Jaguar Suite

This September will see the unveiling of the world’s first ever Jaguar suite at London’s 51 Buckingham Gate, Taj suites and residences. An exciting collaboration between the two Tata owned companies; Taj hotels resorts and palaces and Jaguar.

51 Buckingham Gate is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year having opened its doors as a Taj hotel back in 2001. Buckingham Gate combines all the facilities and convenience of an extremely luxurious hotel with the space and exclusivity of a private residence. Taj suites and residences consist of three individually designed buildings which have been beautifully restored to offer 86 elegant suites each with their own private kitchen and living areas.

The latest of the suites the Jaguar suite which will be available from September com prises of two bedrooms with super king sized beds, walls adorned with subtle Jaguar motifs and artwork, marble floored walk in showers and oversized baths, a dining area to seat 10 people, a fully equipped gloss black kitchen and a number of gadgets including TV’s, Blu-ray players and sound systems. As if that wasn’t enough the hotel plays host to the Michelin starred Quilon restaurant and the Courtyard where culinary delights can be consumed. With the beautiful Anne semonin spa at 51 only a few steps away.

The sleek design of the 1,832 square foot abode contains classic and contemporary Jaguar models from the classic E-type to the state of the art C-X75. Then design was overseen by Jaguar design director Ian Callum and his team. The suite features specially commissioned auto inspired artwork and displays and uses materials such as leather metal and high gloss veneers, nodding to the legacy and timeless vision associated with jaguar.

The Jaguar experience begins the minute you step in the door with subtle motifs and wood panelling. Collectors’ items adorn the suite presenting a familiar site to anyone that’s knows and loves luxury mooring.

A truly remarkable and luxurious place to stay for any keen automotive fan.

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  1. It’s going to be like dying and going to heaven> Wall-to-wall jaguars.

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