Executive Decision – Jaguar XF

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Isn’t the new Lamborghini Aventador fabulous? A quarter of a million pounds worth of lustful desirability just waiting to be pointed at the far blue yonder. The question is – will it fit in your garage? Also, how will it fare in the supermarket car park? This is the problem with supercars. It’s like marrying Mariah Carey – you love her but you just know she’s going to cost you in the long run.

So, here in the real world, we have little choice than to make car decisions with our heads rather than our hearts; which is where the new Jaguar XF comes into the picture. This award winning car has really captured the imagination of even hardened motoring journalists, combining as it does comfort, luxury and sports car performance. This stunning motor was developed using Computational Fluid Dynamics, whatever that is, and the result is a big saloon with an aero-dynamic performance (Nerd Alert – Drag Co-efficient is 0.29) which minimises wind noise, reduces fuel consumption whilst maintaining high speed stability and handling.

jaguar xf

Costing from around £30k, depending on your preferences, a new Jaguar XF competes on price and performance against BMW’s 5 Series and the Mercedes E Class and easily matches their abilities. At the top of the range sits the ferocious XFR, sporting a 5-litre supercharged V8, but for most UK buyers the 2.2-litre diesel is possibly the best, if least exciting, option. It’s not particularly quick of the mark but it does pack massive torque, meaning motorway driving and overtaking is handled with ease. On the inside, all is calm luxury. The JaguarDrive selector that rises from the central dash never loses its appeal whilst the ‘phosphor blue’ halo illumination picks out the switches, the start button and the consoles. As expected on a new Jaguar, all the toys are there. There’s the Bluetooth (how did we ever manage without it?), the smart multimedia interface and satellite navigation and everything you would need in a car at this price point.

The XF made its first appearance in 2008 which means that good examples of used Jaguar’s are now available in the second hand market. Originally it came with the 2.7Litre diesel V6 and a quick trawl of the ‘web found just such an offering with a full service history and a ‘fair enough’ mileage of 74k for just £16.5k. Or how about a ‘59 plate with 22k miles and the 3.0litre V6 for just £25000 – and it‘s barely run-in! This is the list price new of some significantly lesser offerings from other brands. Quality at an affordable price.

There’s no question about it. Despite early misgivings when Tata Motors bought the brand, the Jaguar XF and the other models in the range have shown that real quality can be home grown. You wouldn’t want to marry one, obviously. That would be perverse; but you might want to get married IN one. It really is that good.

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