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Lost Loves

Things change and for some of you keen car zealots 2012 is going to be a very bad year as some great future classics are going to disappear. Renault is renewing the Clio, for example. Now, if ever there was a vehicle that has grown up and become better and better over the years it’s this great small car. At what stage, do you think, will they overdo it and make a good thing bad? Ford did something like that. The current Ford Focus is, without doubt, a great car but isn’t it just a little bit dull? Its predecessor was such a great drive but this new one is, dare I say, a little bit lardy. Rather surprisingly, it is also reported that Renault has taken the unprecedented step of deleting several under-performing car lines with all Laguna, Espace, Wind and Modus models being phased out from 1st February 2012. The Kangoo car will also be chopped but the van version will be retained. Trim levels will also be slimmed down to simplify line-ups.

Porsche are rejuvenating the Boxster this year. Again, it is hard to see how they can improve on what is pretty much the best driver’s car around and the news that in later iterations of the new model there may well be a four cylinder engine in the base model instead of that glorious flat six is regarded with righteous outrage. The horror.

Amazingly, the current shaped and unrivalled Range Rover has been with us for ten years already, gradually collecting more and more bling on the way but it’s time for it to go. We’re only about six months away from seeing the new Range Rover revealed in the flesh, as it were. Expect to see the real thing – alleged to be bigger, cleaner and more efficient – in the Summer, possibly with a family resemblance to the terrific Evoque.

In February 2012 the new BMW 3 Series is released and is said to be the best yet but, initially at least, you won’t be able to get the versatile and ever popular Touring version.

Manufacturers will always change their products – it’s inevitable – to keep ahead of the game and this seems to be more important to them than customer loyalty to a particular model. However, there is one bit of good news. When the time comes and a highly regarded favourite is deleted in favour of a new and unfamiliar version there is often a backlog of unsold vehicles that have to be cleared from the parking lots. So, if you don’t need the very latest thing then there are sure to be discounted bargains in the outgoing stock.

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