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Keyless Cars – Are They Really A Good Idea?

A growing trend is emerging with the “keyless car”.  This special feature was once reserved for the super-rich in their super-expensive cars, but it is now making its way into even the most normal of cars such as the Ford Fiesta and while many people first enjoy the buzz of showing off their keyless start to their friends, some people are already beginning to report problems.

The benefit of a keyless car is quite obvious to start off with.  For a start, there’s no hassle rustling through your pockets or digging deep into your handbag to try and find those illusive keys.  Everyone has stood out in the rain getting wet as they curse where their keys could possibly have gone – Are they in this pocket?  Are they in my wallet?  Have they slipped down my jacket lining?   We’ve all been there.

A keyless car instantly removes this.  As long as the car detects that the fob is somewhere on your person, the door will open and you will be able to drive off with ease.

However, that really is just about the only benefit to it, other than looking good in front of your mates when you first show them.  That’s a lot of technology and effort all to solve what really is a very minor problem.

The question is what happens when your battery is dead.  Some keyless cars do still have a manual key but many do not and slowly the key is being phased out completely.  This means that if you happen to leave your headlights on, you could return to have no access to your car whatsoever, therefore making a jump start or a simple call to the RAC a lot more complicated than it could have been.

On top of this, figures are already showing that this lack of actually having to think about having your keys on you is already leading to more people actually being locked out.  With a standard set of keys, you make a conscious effort to pick up your car keys as you leave your home or office.  It quickly becomes pure habit because you have to have your key and fob in your hand to actually be able to open your door and then to start the car.  When you start getting in the habit of not having to do this, it can quickly become a habit to NOT check for your keys.  Therefore rushing out of the office on a Friday evening to get home can often see you completely forgetting to grab your fob in your desk drawer.  You then stand at your car looking like a bit of a fool trying to open a door with no key.

So, whether you decided to opt for a keyless car is your choice but ask yourself what you really gain from it and if your forgetful brain can really cope with this new lazy option!

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