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New Audi TT For 2014

It’s amazing and slightly worrying – in a passing of time sort of way – to note that the Audi TT has been with us since 1998. It was revamped in 2006 and will be again in 2014.

The next TT, we are told, will be ‘more dynamic and performance focused’ than its predecessor. What will concern TT fans is the news that the car will move upmarket. Although it won’t approach the territory of the mighty R8 it is thought that Audi have got to make room at the lower price point for Porsche’s baby Boxster – codenamed 9X1 – which, if built, may well be available from 2014, possibly with a VW variant.

New Audi TT 

As is usual these days the new TT will share a platform, this time with the Audi A3 and the VW Golf. They’ve considered other body styles – a shooting brake version was mooted around 2005 but hopefully that’s one idea that won’t leave the drawing board – but the company will probably stick with the tried and trusted pairing of coupé and soft-top. Artist’s impressions seem to indicate a more flowing body shape not unlike, from certain angles, the new 911. They wouldn’t dare, would they?

Initial indications appear to show that the front end features yet another variation of the trademark single frame grille, this time boasting a set-back main air intake, even more elaborate LED headlights, fog lamps/cornering lights, daylight running lamps and indicators, some contrasting brightwork and a pair of fake lower black vents to spice up the bumper graphics. The taillights are equally ornate with L-shaped indicators, dot-matrix brake lamps and, maybe, trendy jewel-like clusters from Audi’s OLED Swarm lighting technology. A large rear spoiler will deploy at speed.

It is believed that the interior will feature an evolution of Audi’s Multi-Media Interface incorporating a display in the driver’s field of vision. Using the latest materials the car should lose a healthy 60 kilos of weight. Other efficiency-enhancing measures include a low-friction Quattro drivetrain, improved aerodynamics and a set of more economical engines. These will run from 1.8L TFSI motor to a hot 2.5L turbo for the expected RS model. This high end TT should generate some 380bhp – rivalling the 911 Carrera S – an indication, perhaps, of where Audi are pitching this new car.

Both the coupe (June 2014) and the roadster (November 2014) can initially rely on six forward ratios, but there is a seven-speed S-tronic in the works for calendar year 2015. Quattro will be standard on the top-end variants and an option lower down. All in all, a mouth-watering prospect, but don’t expect it to be cheap.

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