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Jaguar All Wheel Drive

The country is in, or almost in, recession. Money is tight and people are not just pulling the purse strings in, they are knotting them and sealing them with wax as well. This makes the success of Jaguar / Land Rover’s sales of new cars even more impressive. Their products …

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EV or Not EV – That’s the question

As a world population we have been seduced by the green message when it comes to new cars. The problem is that, the more we find out, the less we like what we hear. Electric vehicles were first introduced to us because oil is a finite resource. No oil – …

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New Volkswagen Beetle Shows Its Heritage

Unquestionably, Volkswagen have always made good cars. Even those that were bad were good, if you can understand that. The last Beetle was a case in point. Not a bad car by any means but not great either. A case of form over function, perhaps. The original car has a …

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Sell it used not abused

There is lots of advice on the web about the best way to sell your used car privately. These days, with money being so tight, it has never been more important to maximise the best price you can achieve. This requires, as they say, due diligence and a bit of …

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THE CAR – Essential To Modern Life

Cars. We’ve all grown up with them, driven them and loved them and now, thanks to the economic woes of the world, it is getting harder and harder to own them. According to an Auto Trader survey some fifty four per cent of those asked believe the economic situation has …

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