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Sell it used not abused

There is lots of advice on the web about the best way to sell your used car privately. These days, with money being so tight, it has never been more important to maximise the best price you can achieve. This requires, as they say, due diligence and a bit of hard graft. You might think you already know all this stuff but we are shamelessly going ahead with it anyway. Don’t be so complacent.

It makes sense to start at the end. That is to say, possibly the most crucial part of selling your used car is how you word the advertisement. The last piece of info you need is the price. Investigate this. You know the mileage, history and condition of your car. It isn’t too difficult to check around to see what other cars are selling for. Dealer forecourt prices are always higher than private sales, so make allowances. When your price is fixed, try as hard as possible to stick to your guns. A good car will always sell in the end. And don’t bother with that ‘or near offer’ business. It’s a dead giveaway for a desperate seller.

Be accurate with your description and don’t bullshit. Be truthful and, if the car has a great service history or a low mileage then feel free to big these items up. Finally, make sure you ad is friendly. Aggressive or perfunctory language is a turn-off. Buyers will stay away in their droves.

Your watchword is preparation. The car needs to be clean to the nth degree. You know those annoying little crevices in the alloys that you can’t be bothered with? Clean them. If the wheels are looking a bit pitted there are plenty of good products on the market. Make everything shine, right down to the keys and the fob, which, if it’s looking a bit dog-eared is probably worth changing. People are impressed by attention to detail, so spray on a bit of tyre shine for that showroom look.

If your car does have a good service history – why not put all the relevant paperwork, books and receipts in a decent folder or wallet? – then how about having it serviced before sale? This is seriously going to impress a prospective buyer who will know that that’s one job he won’t have to worry about for some time. If you’re sensible in your pricing strategy then you can factor in the cost. If someone’s checking over the engine and pulls the dipstick, the fresh, clean oil will be there to see. That builds confidence in the car.

Clearly you will need to deal with dents and scratches – no used car is blemish free. There are some good products on the market that can sort out scratching and there are plenty of mobile repair experts around. With modern tools and equipment pretty much all of them do a good job – especially if they are franchised. They’ve got their reputation to think of in a crowded job market.

Finally, if your car is as good as you say it is then a decent selection of clear photographs will help the sale. It’s easy enough with a digital camera and computer. Just remember to stay away from the manipulation software!

Selling a car is simple if you make sure you cover all the bases. Don’t skimp on the work. Servicing costs aside, you should be able to present a pristine motor for the outlay of well under one hundred pounds. You’ll be glad you went that extra mile.

One of the cheapest and most popular ways to purchase a car is to go through the used car market. If you are looking for something reliable and cheap then why not try There is a huge amount of different manufactured cars from all over the UK.

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