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Factors to bear in mind when searching for an executive car

Do you fancy getting behind the wheel of an executive car? With their stylish looks and high-end features, they certainly are enticing vehicles to drive. However, I think you’d be wrong to believe you need to have an executive-level job to justify having one. In fact, they’re great cars for all motorists to have!

As you may have guessed from their name, though, these cars are designed with busy professionals in mind. This means they are not only a great option for people who need to travel a lot on business, but also for transporting the kids on the daily school run. If you are looking to purchase an executive car, here are some of the factors I believe need taking into consideration.


Executive cars are a great option for those looking for something that is not just practical to drive, but also very comfortable and spacious. Indeed, these cars tend to be available as either five-door saloons or hatchbacks, so there ought to be plenty of room for you – as well as your passengers and any luggage you are carrying.

If you’re looking for an even greater amount of storage space, I think you might want to look at the range of executive Ford cars available. Choose the Mondeo Zetec Business Edition and you can get a vehicle with overhead roof rails, a handy storage feature for transporting bicycles.


As obvious as it might sound, it is important to carefully consider the safety features of any vehicle you are looking to purchase. Get an executive car and you can expect to have a huge number of high-tech services designed to ensure you can retain total control of your automobile while on the road and keep you safe.

Among the systems these vehicles often come with include automatic tyre pressure monitoring, emergency brake assistance and electronic stability programme. Getting an executive car that has hill start assist technology will prevent you from rolling backwards when starting the engine on an incline.

If you are looking to buy a car, I also recommend checking the European New Car Assessment Programme’s website for its safety ratings. With the organisation allowing you to search and compare the features of a wide range of executive vehicles, you should easily find something that provides a stylish ride and is also safe. Cars that have the maximum five-star rating for occupant safety (there are separate categories for adults and children) are typically seen as being the most secure, so this is definitely something worth keeping an eye out for when you’re getting an exec car!


As you will have probably figured out by now, executive cars come with wonderful features that make driving a really pleasurable experience. While you should be aware they’ll probably cost more than your standard hatchback, you’ll certainly be able to get one for a good price if you look around.

While you can try haggling with salespeople at your local showroom over the price of a model, I think there is even greater scope to secure a fantastic deal by going to an auction. Rather than attempting to strike a bargain with a car trader, you only have to bid amounts that you feel comfortable paying. If you’re in luck, you could drive away from the hall in an executive car that costs significantly less than you would have to pay if you bought the same model from a traditional dealership.

What features are you looking for from an executive car? Leave a comment and let us know!

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