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More Of A Personal Statement, Mr Bond

“…and what name would you like on the registration document, Sir?” “Bond, James Bond.” How much does it cost, do you think, to change your name by deed poll? Unfortunately, for most of us the sort of vehicle driven by JB in all his incarnations is out of the price …

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What Not To Do In Your Car

Talking on a mobile phone whilst driving is considered taboo. The amount of publicity surrounding this activity has been enormous and yet still we see people happily chatting away whilst driving with one, or even no, hands. Even hands-free kits are frowned upon. Everybody you talk to believes it to …

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How To Buy a Used Car

People who earn average money – and that’s most of us – know how hard it can be to buy and run a car in these days of financial hardship. Costs keep rising across the whole gamut of our lives and sometimes it seems that car ownership is becoming a …

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