Commuting Leaves Us Stressed, Tired And Anxious

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Driving to work can be a pleasure, but more often than not it’s a pain. This is exactly what research from Allianz Your Cover Insurance has found; only 15% of UK drivers enjoy their commute.

However this downbeat attitude perhaps isn’t surprising as the survey shows that the average commuter drives 7,130 miles on the roads each year – which is the same as driving to New York and back. No wonder only 13% of us say we would be ok with a longer drive to work! We are also spending nearly an hour a day commuting and a third of us admit to feeling rushed, stressed and anxious from our morning journey. Basically this isn’t the best way to start the working day.

The research also reveals that the majority of commuters think the UK ’s roads are in a poor state and making their commutes that bit worse. However commuters do think their drives could improve if more commuters paid attention to road etiquette, a fifth of drivers want better driving from their fellow commuters.

The top improvements to our commuting journeys would be:

1. Cheaper fuel

2. Less traffic

3. Better roads

4. A nicer car

5. Better weather

Destination is also key for commuter’s feelings as a fifth of commuters wish for a better job and nicer colleagues to improve their daily drive. In particular those aged 18-24 are most likely to want a better job to drive to.

It turns out we are a friendlier bunch than you may think. One in 10 of us would have a better start to the day by having someone to share their journey with. This is something co-workers could definitely look into as not only is it more fun to have driving buddy but in turn could lead to a more environmentally-friendly driving-force and save you money.

To recognise the hard work and long hours that commuters put in, Allianz Your Cover Insurance are giving away a variety of prizes on their Facebook page including an overnight stay for two in London with dinner at a Michelin star restaurant and a Harrods shopping spree. To take part visit the Facebook page or follow Allianz Your Cover Insurance on Twitter @YourCoverUK.


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