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Pick-Up Trucks: What to Look For When Buying

A pick-up truck is designed as a working vehicle and more often than not, the kind of work involved includes transporting heavy goods. Such a commercial role means that they will encounter higher demands than a normal domestic vehicle, or a business vehicle used for transporting personnel or small packages.

With rough terrain a possible addition to the mix and multi-use functionality to take into account, there are many reasons why a pick-up can be the ideal answer to your driving needs, but what exactly should you be looking for when buying one?

Choosing the right one for you

When it comes to buying any motor vehicle, the amount of choice on offer can be quite confusing. There are many models of pick-up truck on the market, but they are certainly not all the same.

Some manufacturers are aiming for buyers who are changing up from an SUV and tend to concentrate more on the fashionable aspects of what is basically a working vehicle design. Pick-ups are becoming increasingly popular with a whole range of drivers too, but for commercial buyers who are looking for something more than the traditional choice of vans, there are certain considerations that must be met.


When it comes to commercial vehicles, there is an extra need for reliability in terms of getting you where you want to go smoothly and safely, starting first time round and being free from breakdown issues. In the UK, Great Wall has become a major name in pick-ups over the past couple of years, due to the advanced construction methods used in the manufacture process.

Rust-proofed chassis and galvanised panels ensure a long working life that has minimal maintenance concerns – an essential feature for any business vehicle to have.


A pickup differs from a van because its open bed design means that it is far more versatile when it comes to loading and unloading materials. Modern safety systems, such as twin air bags, ABS and Electronic Brake Force Distribution are uncommon in commercial vehicles, but Great Wall models include these features as standard.


Whilst the storage area is suited to hard usage, the cabs of Great Wall pickups offer a far more luxurious user experience than a van, for both the driver and any passengers. Leather interiors, individually heated seats and Bluetooth hands-free mobile phone connectivity are all things that commercial vehicles in the UK haven’t previously featured.

Today, buying small pick ups from Great Wall offers greater choice than ever and their models set a new standard for commercial vehicles, offering everything you could want in such a vehicle and more.

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