What Does Your Car Say About You?

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(Does It Say You’re Being Savvy?)

For some, their car is everything. It’s a reflection of their wealth, success and even an advert for their business.

However, a tough economic climate has made it difficult to keep up with the latest trends in the market, especially with the cost of petrol steadily climbing over the years and leaving households strapped for cash.

But there is a solution: leasing. Certain makes seem to give certain impressions and with Frontier Lease Cars you can change your image as often as Lady Gaga, with the opportunity to switch cars every two years if you want to.

Research has shown that most people draw conclusions about people based on what they drive. So what kinds of cars can you choose to lease and what do they say about you?

When we think prestige, we often think BMW and Frontier make it easy for you to browse this brand as they are BMW Lease Car experts. Choosing one of these cars says you have style and class, but it also says you care about the environment as BMW has made technological advances which mean they’ve cut CO2 emissions at the same time as improving fuel efficiency.

Leasing this car says you like to combine luxury with technology and that you care what customers and clients think about the image of your business. There are convertible and roadsters available with Frontier, but beware, psychologists reckon you’re a bit of an attention seeker if you like your top down!

Though its image has changed over recent years, many people still think of the Volvo as the safe, reliable option. But there are some much more sporty models to choose from today. This says you like to consider style but still keep safety and reliability at the forefront of your mind – perfect for any type of business involving care or family-related products.

If you’re browsing Audis, the performance of your car is paramount to you and Audi is a world leader in development and innovation, with some of the best interiors. This would be a great model to consider if your business involves a lot of mileage.

Land Rover
If you’re looking to lease this car you’re saying two things about yourself and your business; it’s tough and rugged, but wants to look good too! Land Rovers are built to withstand all kinds of terrain, but also to look good driving along city streets.

With car leasing, you can change you and your business’ image every two years and show you’re a savvy customer at the same time. Always look for eco-friendly options though. After all, what better image is there for you and your company than one which says “I care about the world”?

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