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Custom Builds you’ll love

Looking for a custom build project? Look no further! I have seen these restorations before and wow do they turn heads when they’re done – rare, fast and noisy. It’s everything you could want in a project car – it’s a custom hot rod!

What I have been reading recently is on and is based on a 1935 Ford Model Y truck. Here’s a before shot. It’s exactly what you would imagine of a 1930’s era car, with the smooth sweeps around the arches and the flat front end (who needs pedestrian safety laws??)

1953 Ford Model Y truck

The plan starts off by stripping it right down, a good time to sort out the paint and any rust spots. On this build, the roof is dropped and the body shell shortened to created a ‘truck cab’ style central driving point. At this point work started to amend the chassis to take the new cab unit, as well as a new suspension set up.

You’ll need a new engine and gearbox, and in this case the donor engine was an absolutely sublime 3.5 BMW M62 engine mounted to a five speed M60 gearbox. I’m sat here dribbling about the thought of that baby revving up…here’s a snap of the rolling chassis and engine to keep you going!

Stripped 1953 Ford Model Y truck

My problem is at this point, I always think ‘YAY rolling chassis and engine I’m almost done!’ and it’s never actually the case.  But at least you get the idea of what the finished article will look like. Its time for the actual mechanics of getting everything to fit together! Custom made engine and gearbox mounts are fitted, and the prop has to be shortened by 4 inches to fit the gearbox. The rear axle was sourced from a Kia (the 1930’s looked nice but we don’t want to be shoving all those horses through a 1930’s axle!).

Now I love the next part, in keeping with the style of the original car, the Model Y brake and clutch pedals are staying with the car. Ok they’re not attached to model Y brakes anymore (thank god) – they’re off a Nissan, but no one will see that once its finished!

Model Y brake and clutch pedals

So, we’re up to the end of phase 3. I’ve barely even scratched the surface of what has been going on to get this far, if you want to catch up with the full report then go to or find them on Facebook where they will be happy to answer questions you have about the build


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