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7 Simple Ways to Save Fuel and Cash

We all want to save money, and with fuel getting more expensive, bringing down the cost of motoring is a great way of doing this. So, here’s 7 Simple Ways to Save Fuel and Cash that mean you can start saving money the next time you jump in your car.

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1 Accelerate and brake more moderately

It’s simple physics… the faster you accelerate, the more fuel you burn. So take it easy with your right foot. And, as for braking, not pushing the pedal quite so hard after you’ve accelerated to warp speed will save you renewing your brake discs so often.

2 Switch off your engine at the lights

How many of us sit at the lights with the motor running? All you have to do is turn the ignition key, or push the off switch. It really does save fuel. And your engine won’t cool down enough that it will guzzle more gas when you get started.

3 Don’t keep your car full of non-essential stuff

If your car is heavier, it takes more energy to get it moving. So, the lighter your car the less fuel you burn. That goes for inside the car too. Don’t keep lots of things stowed on the back seat. All this little things add up to a bigger fuel bill! Also remember your fuel itself is heavier, so if you just use the car for short journeys, don’t keep the tank filled to the top.

4 Don’t use the air conditioning unless you have to

Not everyone knows this, but turning on your air con causes your engine to work harder. You can work the rest out.

5 Don’t keep a roof rack on when not in use

More physics: the less easily your car cuts through the air, the more quickly your fuel gauge falls. So if not using your roof rack, take it off. It creates an awful lot of drag, making your engine have to work harder.

6 Only open windows when you have to

Even keeping your windows open creates more drag for your car as well. Don’t do this unless absolutely necessary.

7 Keep your car tyre pressures right

Under-inflated tyres increase the friction with the road surface to the point that it affects your fuel consumption as it makes the engine work harder. Just keep your tyres at the manufacturers recommended pressures for best results!

So, there we are, 7 simple ways to save fuel and cash. All of these points on their own will make a small difference, but add up the fuel saving across all of them, and you’ll soon notice a difference in your pocket. Do it now!

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