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Jaguar F-TYPE in Bloodhound SSC test

World land speed record holder Andy Green has driven a Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupe at its top speed of 186mph to test Bloodhound SSC’s parachute deployment system.

The test continues Jaguar’s technical partnership in the world land speed record project, following a high-speed communications test run in South Africa in 2014.

Jaguar F-Type Bloodhound SSC test

“Bloodhound SSC is fitted with both airbrakes and parachutes to provide guaranteed stopping power under all conditions,” explained Andy.

“Each of these systems is safety-critical and each needs to be tested to ensure it will work safely, every time it’s needed.

“Being able to validate the parachute systems in a safe and controlled manner using a high performance Jaguar F-TYPE sports car gives great confidence to both me and Bloodhound’s Engineering Team.”

Watch the test here…

The test took place at the former RAF base in Bentwaters, Suffolk using an F-TYPE R Coupe with a modified rear window and structural supports through which Bloodhound’s unique teardrop shaped parachute cans were mounted directly to the car’s chassis.

Jaguar F-Type Bloodhound SSC test

Green released the parachute using a cockpit-mounted button, subjecting the F-TYPE to an instantaneous drag force equivalent to one tonne that dramatically slowed the car before Green brought it to a controlled stop.

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