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John McEnroe’s Jaguar stunt

Watch tennis legend John McEnroe astonish two tennis fans with VIP journey to Wimbledon in an new Jaguar XE.

The three-time Wimbledon champ played the role of Secret Chauffeur in Jaguar’s #FeelWimbledon hidden camera stunt.

McEnroe surprised tennis fans Tom Payne and Nick Webb, who were selected to take part in the stunt.

Jaguar is using cutting-edge sociometic, biometric and atmospheric sensors to analyse and celebrate the unique spectrum of emotions associated with the world’s number one tennis tournament.

Jaguar captured the emotional reactions of Payne and Webb using biometric wristbands, while hidden cameras were installed in a new Jaguar XE to film the fans’ responses.

Not surprisingly, the pair’s heart rate increased dramatically when McEnroe switched as their driver. When McEnroe was revealed, Payne’s biometric wearable device showed his excitement and heart rate which increased by 60.3% to 93 bpm.

“I was very happy to be part of this creative stunt with Jaguar, said McEnroe. “This is the greatest Grand Slam of them all – both in the eyes of the players and fans – and the surprise on Tom and Nick’s faces when I got in the car shows just how excited the fans get at Wimbledon.”

Tom Payne added: “I thought I was just coming to Wimbledon to watch the quarter finals and enjoy the atmosphere, but to be driven there in style by the legend John McEnroe was incredible. It was an awesome surprise!”

Nick Webb added: “I think my reactions say it all! Walking into Wimbledon with McEnroe was something I’ll never forget. Thank you to Jaguar for such a brilliant start to our day at Wimbledon.”

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  1. What a really cool surprise, no pretend celebrities, a real rip-roaring legend. Well done Makko!!

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