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A Supercar Test Drive You Can Do

Most people at some point, normally after watching an episode of Top Gear, dream of getting behind the wheel of a supercar and taking it for a long drive on a clear, picturesque yet challenging road.

The sky’s normally blue, sun beating down with the roar of a V8 accelerating down a straight section of road. The brief rumble and few seconds of bliss as you brake and navigate round narrow bends and the odd chicane leading to a new straight before you let rip.

Well dream no more, as now you can!

Our friends at Avis recently created the Avis Driving Ratio (ADR) to determine the best driving roads in the world, including the UK. With a selection of Avis Prestige cars available for hire there was only one way to put their theory to the test.

Hire one supercar, choose a road and let’s hope the Great British sunshine comes along too!

After reviewing the selection of cars including Porsche’s and Mercedes, we decided to take the Jaguar F-Type V6 S Coupe.

Jaguar F Type - Automotive Blog

With a 3.0-litre V6 under the Elegant and modern design which produces 375hp, you can get from 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds which for our road trip was ample.

Now you could argue is the F-Type a true supercar, but when it turns up and you set eyes on it for the first time, all you think about is getting behind the wheel.

So then the road, with 3 UK roads suggested by the Avis Driving Ratio in the top 10, we decided to experience the B3135, driving from Ashwick to Cheddar in Somerset.

Arriving into Ashwick early on a Saturday morning, we were greeted by blue skies and clear roads setting the perfect conditions as we approached the B3135.

Coming onto the road, you are instantly greeted with some long straights stretching through picturesque county side. You soon encounter some sweeping bends and a nice chicane which gives you a great Sunday driving feeling.

B3135 Test Drive - Automotive Blog

As you navigate your way along the country road, you start to think this is good road, nice straights and some sweeping bends, but is this road really in the top 10?

As you begin to think this, the countryside gets denser, the sun starts to get obscured by overhanging trees and the Sunday driver feeling soon goes with your concentration levels escalating as the straights minimise and bends increase.

B3135 Test Drive 2 - Automotive Blog

However, this does not prepare you for the drastic change you are about to experience.

It doesn’t just feels like you have driven onto another road; you could be mistaken for driving in a different country as the beautiful fields turn into a stunning landscape of soaring rock faces and tight corners.

The road runs right up against the rock face and the harsh grey rock against clear blue skies creates a jaw dropping setting which sets this road apart from any other.

B3135 Test Drive 3 - Automotive Blog

As the winding road takes you through the rock, you are just in awe of how beautiful this road is and before you know it you enter the small town of Cheddar.

At this point, you will start to encounter tourists visiting the local area and keen cyclists who are setting off to experience the route by bike.

It’s at this point, you think back and go – That’s why this road is in the top 10!

So next time you think about a top gear style test drive, you don’t need a supercar to experience our greatest roads, but if you get the chance to hire one, we would highly recommend it!

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