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Car maintenance: staggering ignorance revealed

More than half of motorists aged 25-34 don’t how how to open their car’s bonnet, according to new research.

Overall, 71% knew how to open their car bonnet, but one third of women (34%) confessed to not knowing how to pop their car’s hood.

Additionally, less than a quarter (24%) of 18 to 24 year olds knew how to change a tyre.

The study for Leasing Options revealed that a worrying number of drivers are unable to carry out basic maintenance tasks on cars, leading to potentially costly and dangerous breakdowns.

The vehicle leasing company surveyed more than 1,000 drivers to find out just how car savvy they are and where they need to improve their skills.

Less than one in five knew the stopping distance when driving at 30mph, one in 10 admitted they would use boiling water to de-ice their car windows, while more than half didn’t know how to change a tyre.

Rate yourself against the study’s key findings – which of the following do you know how to do?

  • Open the bonnet – 72%
  • Check the oil levels in your car – 69%
  • Check tyre pressure – 66%
  • Add windshield wiper fluid to your car – 66%
  • Programme the in car radio – 55%
  • Adjust the height of your steering wheel – 47%
  • Change a tyre – 45%
  • Check brake fluid – 35%
  • Check brake pads – 21%
  • None of the above – 4%

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