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Motorways are too scary

One in five motorists rarely drive on motorways because they find them too daunting, according to new research.

A poll for the RAC indicates that more than eight million of Britain’s 38m drivers hardly ever venture on to the motorway, while 380,000 say they never do.

Speed is too daunting for 68% of drivers who steer clear of the UK’s fastest roads.

Of the eight million who rarely take to the motorways, 6% admit they are just not keen to and 12% say they generally rely on someone else.

The remainder (79%) claim never to have the need to use the motorway where they live and drive.

Among the 1% of drivers surveyed who said they never dive on the motorway, a third (35%) confess they simply don’t like the thought of driving on the motorway.

Those who are loath to drive on the motorway list a range of reasons for not doing so:

  • Nearly seven in 10 (68%) say it is daunting because of the speed everyone is travelling at
  • Half (52%) feel more at risk of being involved in an accident on motorways than other roads
  • 42% don’t have the confidence to drive on the motorway
  • One third (32%) find motorway driving too monotonous

Even though some motorists have safety concerns about motorways they are statistically Britain’s safest roads despite carrying around 21% of traffic.

In the year to September 2015, it is estimated that vehicles drove 65.4bn miles on them – an all-time high figure and an increase of 2% on 2014.

However, they only accounted for 96 (5.4%) of the 1,775 fatalities on Britain’s roads and 4.7% of injured road casualties.

Interestingly, the RAC research revealed there is a willingness among some of those who don’t like driving on the motorway to try to change this as three in 10 (29%) said they would be prepared to have a motorway driving lesson.

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