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Whiplash fraud given cold shoulder

Falsifying injuries on a motor insurance claim is as unacceptable as drink-driving, according to new research.

The study for insurers Aviva, indicates that 87% of Brits reckon it’s unacceptable to make a false whiplash claim, compared to 88% who say the same about drink-driving.

Aviva, which is investigating around 14,000 suspect whiplash claims, says one in nine whiplash claims are tainted by fraud, adding £93 to the average motor insurance premium.

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“It’s great to see that false whiplash claims are completely unacceptable for the vast majority of Brits, however there’s no such thing as victimless crime and it just takes a few bad apples to spoil it for the rest of us,” said Rob Townend, Claims Director, Aviva UK General Insurance.

The research also explores Brits’ attitudes to, and behaviours around, a variety of situations and their perceived consequences, in order to better understand why the compensation culture around whiplash is so prevalent in the UK.

Attitudes and Behaviour % Acceptable % Indifferent % Unacceptable
Downloading or streaming a movie/music illegally 22% 27% 51%
Buying tickets from a tout 19% 24% 57%
Lying on a job application 13% 20% 67%
Speeding in a 30 mph zone 11% 18% 71%
Dodging a train fare 10% 11% 78%
Purchasing stolen goods 8% 13% 79%
Cheating on an exam paper 7% 10% 83%
Falsifying injuries to make an insurance claim 5% 8% 87%
Driving while over the alcohol limit 5% 7% 88%


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