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Alfa Romeo Giulia sets blindfolded’ Silverstone record

The all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia has set a lap record of the Silverstone circuit with an epic twist – the car’s windows were completely blacked out.

The feat required more than just driver determination and memory power, but thankfully the flagship Quadrifoglio version of Alfa Romeo Giulia is packed full of high-performance technologies.

As well as Alfa Chassis Domain Control (CDC) system, which distributes the power evenly through the Torque Vectoring and Active Suspension systems to ensure maximum drive through the rear wheels, the front Active Aero Splitter and rear air diffuser helped keep the rear-wheel drive sports saloon ‘glued’ to the track, while the on-board Alfa Connect infotainment system allowed the driver to stay in touch with the support team.

In addition, and working almost as a sixth sense for the driver, the active safety systems such as Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Autonomous Emergency Brake (AEB) with pedestrian recognition and Lane Departure Warning (LDW), allowed the driver to have complete confidence in the task at hand.

Driven by Ed Morris – the youngest ever Brit to compete at Le Mans – the car reached speeds in excess of 100mph, despite windows completely covered by black vinyl, and the fastest “blindfolded” lap recorded was 1:44.3secs.

“I’ve driven hundreds of cars but never one with all the windows blacked out,” said Ed.

“As a racing driver it’s in your nature to push yourself and the car to its limits and knowing the Alfa Romeo Giulia is packed with so many high-performance technologies really allowed us to have complete trust in it and focus on setting a record.”

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