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Range Rover Sport SVR: a gripping yarn

Range Rover Sport SVRLand Rover has produced a film demonstrating the Range Rover Sport SVR’s awesome acceleration – whatever the terrain.

In a unique test, the SVR completes the 0-62mph sprint on standard fit Michelin 275/45 R21 All Season Tyres on everything from Tarmac and grass to snow and sand, using Land Rover’s innovative Terrain Response 2 technology.

Come rain or shine, grass or gravel, snow or sand, the SVR delivers devastating pace…

The times recorded are a testament to the Range Rover Sport’s inherent capability. On a notoriously slippery wet grass surface, the 0-62mph time increased by only 0.8 seconds, while even on Sand the benchmark sprint took only 5.5 seconds.

Terrain Mode 0-62mph time
Asphalt Dynamic 4.7 seconds
Grass Grass, Gravel and Snow 5.5 seconds
Gravel Grass, Gravel and Snow 5.3 seconds
Snow Grass, Gravel and Snow 11.3 seconds
Mud Mud and Ruts 6.5 seconds
Sand Sand 5.5 seconds


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