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Survey reveals tired drivers are taking risks

Driving a carOne in five British motorists admit to almost nodded off at the wheel, according to new research.

The study by www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk also revealed that more than three quarters of these respondents said they didn’t stop at a service station because they were on a “tight schedule”.

A further 9% divulged that they had previously fallen asleep whilst driving. These participants were asked whether the incident led to a crash, to which 68% stated it had.

A total of 2,387 British adults were quizzed, all of whom revealed to researchers that they held a valid driving licence and owned their own car.

Initially all respondents were asked ‘Do you frequently have to drive for more than three hours at a time?’ to which 51% stated they did. Next, participants were asked if they had ever seen a sign warning about the dangers of being tired and driving, to which 91% stated they had.

Participants were asked “Do you believe that drinking coffee or energy drinks help you stay awake at the wheel?” to which 41% did and the remaining 59% did not. Respondents were then asked the same thing about fresh air which 54% thought was an effective way to stay awake at the wheel.

Nearly a quarter (23%) of people told researchers that they believed continuing to drive keeps them awake as it “keeps their brain busy”.

“The results to this study really do worry me; we should all know by now that if we are tired and we’re driving, we should stop,” said George Charles of VoucherCodesPro.co.uk.

“There is no way that continuing to drive keeps you awake and in fact doing this is not only putting your life at risk but also anyone else on the road at that time.

“If you are tired and you still have a long journey ahead of you, go to a service station and get a coffee, have a nap or get some fresh air. You might be on a tight schedule but it’s better to turn up late then not turn up at all!”

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