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Unprepared younger drivers at risk on winter roads

Young driverNew research has revealed that most younger motorists don’t know basic car maintenance, leaving two million cars unprepared for the treacherous winter road conditions.

More than 55% of drivers aged 17-25 questioned by Inchcape were not fully competent with tasks such as maintaining oil and water levels and checking tyre pressures.

For instance, one in three cannot competently check the pressure in their tyres.

When asked whether they could check the water level in their car, older drivers were increasingly better prepared, with 79% saying they were fully competent, compared to just 43% of younger drivers.

One in two younger motorists don’t fully understand the consequences of poor upkeep of their car. Those with the best understanding of the consequences have owned their car for longer than 16 years and are likely to have experienced a breakdown or two in their time.

“Winter can be a dangerous time on the roads, not just in terms of accidents or breaking down, but with people getting stranded in their cars without suitably warm clothing, provisions, or the right equipment to get them back on the road,” said an Inchcape spokesperson.

“It’s important that drivers are proactive in the upkeep of their vehicles, and don’t just wait for the worst to happen.”

There’s more about winter car maintenance in Inchcape’s guide.

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