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Testing times for new drivers

Young driverOne in five under-35s take at least three driving tests to pass, according to new research.

The study by London-based 3-in-1 transportation app, Ubeeqo, also found that learner drivers spend an average of £186 on driving tests – alarming given that 16% of 17-34 year old car owners have not driven since passing their test.

Furthermore, one in of young motorists who have not driven within the last month regret bothering to take their driving test, while nine in 10 (87%) under-35s use their driving licence as ID rather than to drive

Once young drivers shed their L plates, they are now far less likely to drive their vehicle (16%) due to the high cost of petrol, parking costs and congestion.

In fact, 15% of all licence holders surveyed did not own their own car and when it comes to the under 35s, this stat is even higher (19%).

In addition, a quarter (27%) of 17-34-year-olds who drive once per month or less share a car with someone else.

When it comes to driving licence usage, once tests have been passed, nearly half (43%) use this official document to gain access age restricted products rather than to drive, compared to just one in 10 (10%) of respondents who use their licence to show the authorities they are legal to drive.

“The fact that younger drivers are forking out nearly £200 just on tests never mind the lessons to hardly drive their car just isn’t logical,” said Henrik Jensen, UK Managing Director of Ubeeqo.

“This supported by the fact that people predominantly use their licence for buying age-restricted products rather than for driving provides an indication that the need to own a car could be on the decline.

“It is good to see the younger generation sharing their cars and embracing services like car clubs as this is an affordable way to have the flexibility of owning a car, without the added cost.”

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