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What should I do if my car needs repairing?

The majority of drivers, at some stage or another, will have to deal with car damage. Whether it’s a simple case of a warning light suddenly flashing, or a full-blown breakdown on a motorway, most cars will need repairs at some point. However, what are the best ways to approach these predicaments?

If you have the confidence, small-scale issues can always be repaired yourself. A standard flat tyre or changing a headlight can be tackled by most as long as you have the parts and the directions for the job. There are countless ‘how to’ videos available online, however always ensure you’re watching from a reliable source and be aware of any hazards. You must follow the correct safety precautions if you tackle any repairs yourself to avoid injury. If you are not confident or feel uncomfortable about a job, do not attempt it. You may well cause more damage to the car!

You can visit your local franchise dealership for repairs. Franchise dealerships will specialise in your brand and will only use genuine components which are approved by the manufacturers themselves. Using a franchise dealership will also prolong your warranty which will protect your car’s resale value. However, this is usually a pricey option and you may have to organise your repairs around the dealership’s schedule.

Contacting your local, independent garage also has its pros and cons. These are usually a cheaper and more personable option, however, they may not be warranty-approved. You should also confirm whether they are certified to carry out the work in question. This being said, many independent mechanics may have previous experience in a franchise dealership and, as such, are more than capable of carrying out the job.

There is, however, a way to get the best of both worlds. ClickMechanic, an online marketplace for car repair, offers the highest quality of work for the best price when hiring a mechanic. Once you input your car details and preferred time and location, ClickMechanic locates and provides quotes from vetted mechanics quickly and simply. For car owners, it brings newfound convenience and reliability, as well as the confidence that they are not getting ripped-off when hiring a mechanic. Your selected mechanic will then arrive and complete the work according to your schedule. The booking process, repairs and payment can all be conducted on your smartphone, from wherever you want; you needn’t have to leave your home or office to repair your car!

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