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Drivers admit they’d struggle to pass test now

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Most motorists think they are a worse driver now than when they first passed their test, according to a surprising new study.

Research from Young Driver, the UK’s largest provider of pre-17 driving lessons, revealed that only 43% felt they were better behind the wheel now than when they first ripped up the L plates.

In fact, well over a third (39%) of motorists thought they’d struggle to pass their test if they had to retake it now – rising to a worrying 46% of over 55s.

More women than men also thought they would fail if they were to take a test tomorrow (42% vs 36%).

“Most drivers know they’ve picked up bad habits along the way, which is why they probably feel like they’d fail if faced with an examiner,” said Kim Stanton, who heads up Young Driver.

“In reality we know experience makes a safer driver, and this is borne out in road safety statistics. Shockingly, one in five newly qualified drivers has an accident within six months of getting on the road.

“With 400,000 17-21 year olds passing their test every year, that’s 80,000 potentially avoidable accidents within this vulnerable group.

“Almost 1,300 17-24 year olds are killed or seriously injured in road accidents each year – a much higher proportion than that age group accounts for in terms of the total number of road users.”

More than 2,400 drivers were questioned in the study.

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