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Hyundai offers glimpse of a hydrogen future

Hyundai Motor's Next-Gen Fuel Cell SUV

Hyundai has given a sneak preview of its next generation fuel cell vehicle, well ahead of the hydrogen-powered SUV’s official launch in early 2018.

The near-production-ready version of the yet-to-be-named model was exhibited at a special preview event held in Seoul.

FCEVs (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles) are zero-emission vehicles, emitting only water amd it’s thought the new car will be able to achieve a range of up to 500 miles on a single tank of hydrogen.

Hyundai, which produced the world’s first commercial production fuel cell car in 2013, says the SUV embodies its “commitment to a new era for advanced eco-friendly vehicle development”.

“With exceptional efficiency, serene styling, and uncompromised performance, our next generation fuel cell SUV is the true epitome of an eco-friendly vehicle of the future,” said Lee Ki-sang of Hyundai.

“Hyundai Motor will take lead in developing and producing green energy vehicles that would ultimately complement a near-zero emission society.”

Hyundai Motor's Next-Gen Fuel Cell SUV

The aerodynamic new FCEV inherits striking design features from the FE Concept, which was introduced at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show.

Low-drag design elements include door handles that sit flush to the car, while the wheels optimise airflow with a special two-piece construction.

However, the biggest problem for hydrogen fuel cell technology in the UK is that the infrastructure is still at a very early stage. There are only half a dozen hydrogen refuelling stations and most of those are close to the M25.

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