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Men vs women – who are the best drivers?

men vs women

It’s a topic that will run and run – which of the sexes are better behind the wheel?

New research has revealed exactly what men and women think about each other’s driving prowess, and it seems that there’s no shortage of ego – on either side.

In the survey by independent vehicle supply specialists OSV Ltd, 85% of men said they make the best drivers, whilst 75% of women believe they triumph behind the wheel.

Agreeing to disagree is probably the safest course of action here, but just what is it that makes each sex think that they’re better drivers?

The top three elements that women think they’re best at were:

  • Coming in in first place, 69% of women believe that they out-manoeuvre men
  • While clutch control takes second place, with 59% of women saying that this is where they perform better.
  • Spatial awareness is another skill that 55% of women think that they have the upper hand on.

For their part, men believe that they are best at parking (87%), reacting to situations (65%), and showing consideration for others (54%).

While it might not be surprising to learn that the skills that each sex believes they excel at are the ones that their opposites do badly in –  62% of men state that women are poor at parking, and 60% say that women’s clutch control leaves a lot to be desired.

However, 65% of women say that men show little consideration for other road users, and 50% think that male drivers lack good spatial awareness.

“This is one of those subjects that always gets people talking, and it’s not one of the things that you want to bring up when you’re on a long drive with your spouse!” said Andrew Kirkley of OSV Ltd.

“I find it really interesting to see just how the perceptions of strengths and weaknesses differ between the sexes – how one can think that they’re really good at something, while their partners think the exact opposite?

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