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Life of a car – in numbers

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Brits change their car once every five years, with more than a third (35%) swapping their motor because of high running costs, according to new research.

The survey, carried out by car supermarket, The Car People, asked 1,000 British car owners how long they own their car for, the reasons for upgrading and the everyday events that take place in it.

During a five-year ownership, the average UK car will witness 187 heated arguments, 137 naps (not whilst driving) and 145 emotional breakdowns.

Over this time, loved up couples will also share 179 date nights, 275 kisses, and one sexual encounter, while 8% of those surveyed admitted to ending a relationship in their car.

The average UK car owner eats at least one meal a week in their vehicle, totalling 300 over the five-year period. Those surveyed also admitted to visiting a drive-thru 171 times and consuming 234 non-alcoholic drinks behind the wheel.

The car plays a central role in family life and is used for three holidays and 143 games of ‘I spy’ during its ownership. The average car will also undertake 283 school-runs and will help out with five hospital visits.

A total of 515 parallel parks will be carried out over five years, picking up two scratches along the way. A car will also receive one speeding ticket, one parking ticket, one flat tyre and be part of one collision.

“From the school-run to summer holidays, the car is an essential part of most modern families,” said Jonathan Allbones of The Car People.

“At The Car People, we’re well aware of how important a car is to many people’s lives, so it’s interesting to see what the average UK vehicle goes through over the course of five years, on top of all the mileage and general wear and tear.

“It’s no wonder that people develop such a close emotional bond with their car.”


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