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‘Donut Ignore the Signs’ warns Goodyear

Goodyear donut campaign

Goodyear has launched a new campaign to help motorists spots the signs and symptoms of unhealthy tyres – with a little help from donuts.

It’s hoped the ‘Donut Ignore the Signs’ initiative will encourage drivers to commit to the habit of checking their tyres once a month.

Poor tyre maintenance was the most common reason for car accidents in the UK in 2016 and new research from Goodyear Tyres has revealed that more than a quarter (27% of people don’t know what the legal minimum tread depth limit is for their tyres, while a further 28% haven’t a clue what the purpose of an EU tyre label is.

Goodyear has created six donut metaphors, representing the most common unhealthy tyre conditions in a clear, visual way, helping with the difficulties of at-home tyre checks.

Goodyear's donut tyre campaign

Uneven tyre tread, bulging tyres, low pressure, a chunk missing from the sidewall, high pressure, something lodged in the tyre tread are all illustrated via the sweet treats for the #DonutIgnoreTheSigns campaign.

“We spend nearly 19-months of our lives commuting on them and rely on them day-in, day-out to carry us from A-B, so it’s concerning how little drivers know about their tyres,” said Kate Rock-Rees of Goodyear Tyres.

“For many motorists, tyre maintenance is demoted to the bottom of the priority list, but by presenting their potential conditions in a playful image, our hope is that drivers will become more in-tune with their rubber and feel confident to complete at-home checks. Safety is the absolute priority for all motorists.”

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