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7 Top Car Gadgets

With the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders revealing cars on UK’s roads are increasing by almost 600,000 within a year, many of us are spending more and more time travelling far and wide in our cars. We all want the best driving experience, admittedly the majority of new cars are now fitted with up to date technology but if you have an older car or a more affordable car model you do not have to miss out, here we reveal the top seven car gadgets you can fit in your car yourself!


  • Sync your smartphone with your car with a Bluetooth Car Adapter


Bluetooth Car Adapters are an affordable gadget for your car retailing from £10 + and provide you with the opportunity to sync your smartphone with your car so you can play your car music through your car speaker and make hands-free calls. You can pair this device with your smartphone which means every time you get in your car the devices will pair automatically making a bluetooth car adapter a very easy and convenient gadget to use. Depending on your car model the bluetooth car adapter wil plug into the lighter socket or the audio aux port, therefore check which type will fit into your car’s sockets before making a purchase.


  • Struggle to reverse? Then a Reversing Camera is for you!


If you struggle to reverse or just want the extra security a reversing camera could be a great addition to your car’s gadgets, of course you should never rely solely on the camera but being able to see what is behind can certainly help in tight or busy situations as it gives you an overall view. Reversing cameras often come with motion sensors for blind spots that alert you if you are driving too close to an object, person or wall preventing the likelihood of a car accident. Some reversing cameras now even come in night vision mode, therefore they can be used no matter what time of day.


  • Get a Smartphone Holder and use your smartphone as a Satnav


With smartphones now having navigation apps available to download many of us are now using our phones as a Satnav, thus the days of the traditional Satnav are numbered. A Smartphone Holder will enable the driver to mount their phone to their windscreen or dashboard so they can safely and clearly follow the navigation instructions from their phone screen. When using your smartphone as a satnav it is recommended to put your phone on do not disturb therefore you will not be distracted by any incoming texts or calls that could distract you from the road which can have devastating consequences.


  • Put Your Safety first with a Tyre Pressure Monitor


It is crucial to monitor your tyre pressures, over time your car’s tyres will deflate thus you should be checking your car’s tyres at least once a month. A tyre pressure monitor will help you keep on track with checking your tyres, improve your safety and save you much needed cash with better fuel consumption. If you are uncertain on what tyre pressures your car should have this information should be within your driver or passenger’s door or in the vehicle’s manual depending on what car you drive.


  • Don’t get caught out in an accident, invest in a Dash Cam


Dash cams are small cameras, similar to webcams, that can be attached to your car and they have become much more popular in recent years especially with the increase in car accidents, they provide footage of any incidents which can help with evidence for insurance claims or allocating accident responsibility. If you do have an accident which is not your fault, it is worth finding out how to file  car accident compensation claim, as many legal experts will offer their services on a No Win No Fee basis. Remember to correctly secure your dash cam to the vehicle to prevent it falling off or distracting you by moving whilst you are concentrating on the road, as well as positioning the camera in a place that does not hinder your vision as you do not want the gadget whose purpose it to record an accident to actually be the cause of a car accident.


  • Combat car thieves with a GPS Vehicle Tracker


Car thefts are unfortunately on the rise however purchasing and fitting a GPS Vehicle Tracker into your car will help track your car should it get stolen, assisting with police enquiries and helping with getting your car back to you. There are a variety of models available, they can be portable which can be attached to your car or wired into your motor’s electrics! Also if you are a forgetful parker, a GPS Vehicle Tracker can be a vital gadget for you! You can now even get trackers that will alert your smartphone of unusual car activity.


  • Avoid getting stranded with a Portable Jump Starter


Everyone hates breaking down or having your car not start especially in rural locations where there is nothing nearby, therefore you can avoid the risk of getting stranded by keeping a portable jump starter in your car. Every car is different and will require different jump starters depending on the power of the car, this information should be listed on the product so ensure you study this carefully prior to purchasing,  it is important you buy a heavy duty jump starter. If you are unsure of how a car battery works or how to use a portable jump starter it is important to research this as soon as possible as having all the gear and no idea will not get you out of a tricky situation.

Technology is evolving at an alarming rate and there are always new car gadgets surfacing in the market, keep your eye out on recent trends in order to not miss out! Who would have thought years ago that electric windows, air-con, voice-activated sat navs would be commonplace. With car gadgets the possibilities are now endless, making it a very exciting time for the automotive industry, innovation has even begun on flying cars!!

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