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Millennials are leading the charge for electric cars

Charging a Renault Zoe

More than eight out of 10 people (82%) claim they would consider buying an electric car, according to new research.

The international study, conducted by vehicle history checker hpi, probed people’s perceptions, knowledge and concerns regarding electric vehicles (EVs).

Millennials are the keenest age group to make an environmental change, with 91% saying they would purchase an EV, compared to just 32% of 55-64-year olds.

Whilst many are starting to consider the swap, many remain hesitant. The top reasons for not buying an EV included a range of battery-related issues, as well as price.

The top five reasons included worries surrounding:

  1. Lack of charging points (64%)
  2. Price (56%)
  3. Running out of charge (49%)
  4. Too long to re-charge (38%)
  5. Low range (25%)

Globally, Mexicans are leading the way towards greener vehicle technology, with a whopping 93% of people claiming they would buy an electric car. This was followed closely by Brazil (90%), and then India (87%), Spain (82%) and Germany (76%).

Electric car charging bays - motorway services

When it came to location differences in the UK, Nottingham residents might need the most convincing. Just 39% of people there said that they were prepared to purchase an electric car. On the other hand, a remarkable 94% of those residing in Edinburgh said that they would consider an EV.

Cities MOST likely to buy an EV Cities LEAST likely to buy an EV
  • Edinburgh (94%)
  • Nottingham (23%)
  • Sheffield (93%)
  • Norwich (25%)
  • Manchester (92%)
  • Liverpool (29%)
  • Bristol (91%)
  • Cardiff (30%)
  • London (88%)
  • Newcastle (39%)

“It was interesting to see that 56% of people put cost as a barrier to buying an EV, and that 50% saw range and time to charge as an issue,” said Chris Plumb, Black Book Editor at HPI.

“However, these percentages are encouraging, as this could mean consumers are becoming more accepting of the technologies currently on offer.

“The fact that millennials are more open to buying electric vehicles also shows that millennials are a little more accepting of EVs, and perhaps can see the long-term benefits in the green technology.”

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