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Why you should rent a sports car today

Let’s be honest here. Is there anybody in this world who doesn’t like sports cars? Yes, there are definitely a lot of people out there who will tell you “I don´t need that“. But this often comes along with the fact, that a sports car is usually uncomfortable, not suitable for a family ride, in some cases stupidly expensive, and so on. So why are there people spending thousands and thousands of pounds, while getting a back pain thanks to the suspension?

Because it’s fun, that’s all about it. Driving fast & sporty is a lot about emotions. Whether it´s the adrenaline rush you get by pushing it to the ground, or the intense focus you’ll get by chasing the next curve. It just lets you feel the driving and the car itself and makes it super exciting. And then there’s also drifting. Everyone who owns a rear-wheel-drive and has ever seen snow in his life knows exactly why men turn into children in this situation.

And the best thing is: there are so many different cars to choose! Everyone drives a little differently and has their own style.

Luckily our DRIVAR team invented the supercar-sharing concept. Now everybody can rent a sports car to suit their taste, to just fulfil his dream of driving THAT specific one, for a wedding, or just -and that’s the most important thing- to have fun with it.

Sadly, Germany is the last country out there who has an (mostly) unlimited Highway, the German Autobahn. We know for the best that renting a sports car is only half the fun if you can’t unleash the power and have to drive around like a throttled scooter.

That’s why we invented the “Autobahn Experience” package explicit for Customers from abroad. If you want to rent a sports car and drive at maximum speed, visit the website of Motion Drive.

Different Types of luxury rental cars

The classic German sports cars

Starting with Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, BMW and Audi,  all of them have some really high performance cars. But this is about sports cars, and none of them is as iconic as Porsche. If you think about German sports cars the first thing that should come into your mind is the Porsche 911.

Since 1964 the 911 is dominating the tracks of Germany. The GT Versions achieved loads of Records on Germany’s most famous track, the “Nordschleife”. Porsche stands for finest engineering & technology, premium materials, very sharp & still easy handling and the unmistakable design. Still doubt this is the right car for you? Well just go on and rent a Porsche on the German Autobahn and convince yourself. 

The fury Italian sports cars

If you’re more of the “I want everybody to look at me” type, then Italian sports cars are your best friend. They are extrovert, highly emotional and have an unique design. Ferrari is looking back at a long tradition. Founded in 1946 by Enzo Ferrari, once a racing driver himself, the black horse is well known for sports cars and Formula-1 cars around the world. Every sports car fan should drive a Ferrari at least once in his life, there’s so much emotion involved. Preferably a red one of course, which colour would fit better?

There are more than a hundred reasons to rent a Ferrari at DRIVAR, it doesn’t matter if it’s the classy F12, the rushing 488 GTB, or a comfortable Ferrari California.

Real American muscle cars

Still didn’t find the right car? Maybe you´ll need something more relaxed to drive. America´s Cars are especially known for one thing: Big capacity engines. A 4-cylinder engine loaded by turbochargers to somehow reach a significant amount of horsepower is not what Americans do. They make it quite simple. Need more power? Okay, so then just go for a 6l V8 instead of the 4 litre. These cars have so much torque you won’t need to push the metal to get your car going. They might not be the most versatile cars, and maybe the Interior quality isn’t on the same standards as the European competitors, but there is no better choice for cruising down a highway. These big engines give you enough power to easy pass by everyone in front of you, while listening to the beautiful melody played by the 8 cylinders in front of you. Rent a muscle car for a wedding or sunny weekends at DRIVAR.

Asian Sportscars

There are also some sports cars from the far east. A true legend: The Nissan Skyline-Series GT-R. Thanks to the 2-Fast-2-Furious movies Japanese sports cars got also recognised in the western world. There are many more: Lexus RCF, Toyota GT86, Mitsubishi Evo X. Many people love these cars because you’ll get a lot of car for a really fair price. Their technology is by no means outdated, reliable and also the design is a real alternative to our sports-car establishment.

Renting an asian sportscar is always a good choice if you want to experience something new, and get to know alternative technology.

Want to start driving? Curious about some of the cars mentioned? Visit DRVAR website for more information about prices or available models, and rent a sports car today!

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