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Top 10 most reliable popular hatchbacks

Volkswagen Polo

The evergreen Volkswagen Polo is crowned the most reliable of the bestselling hatchbacks.

Despite being the sixth most popular hatch of 2017, it was No 1 for dependability, spending just 1.46 hours off the road for repairs, which cost an average of just £184.

The data comes from car warranty provider, Warranty Direct, which matched up its Reliability Index with SMMT registrations data.

Less than 10% of problems recorded for the Polo stemmed from more expensive issues such as brakes or gearbox.

Top 10 most popular hatchbacks ranked in order of reliability

Reliability position Model Popularity position *
1 Volkswagen Polo 6
2 Ford Fiesta 1
3 Ford Focus 3
4 Volkswagen Golf 2
5 Vauxhall Corsa 4
6 Mini Cooper 7
7 Mercedes Benz A-Class 8
8 BMW 1 Series 10
9 Vauxhall Astra 5
10 Audi A3 9

“When buying a new car, motorists should look beyond the initial purchase price and examine resources such as the Reliability Index to get a better indication of whether a particular model is suited to their individual needs,” said Simon Ackers, CEO of Warranty Direct.

“According to sales, the Polo was only the sixth bestselling hatchback of last year, but it’s actually the most reliable model currently on the market.

“In addition to this, the most expensive model may not actually be the most reliable, so it’s always worth doing your research before purchasing your next vehicle.”

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