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Hot Skoda in bizarre 134mph arrow-catching record

Skoda Octavia arrow shoot record

Daredevil Markus Haas set a new Guinness World record for the farthest arrow fired and caught in a moving vehicle – with a little help from a Skoda Octavia Combi vRS 245.

Markus, a martial arts expert, teamed up with Olympic archer Laurence Baldauff to set the remarkable 57.5m (188ft) record-breaking distance.

Laurence fired the arrow while Markus deftly caught the flying object leaning out of the sunroof of the Skoda – the fastest Octavia ever produced.

Success or failure was a matter of millimetres and hundredths of a second, but we urge you to watch the video for yourself – it’s astonishing stuff!

The arrow travelled at 134mph (60 metres per second) and the distance between the archer and its target was 70 metres.

However, as the arrow flies in an arc rather than a straight line, the distance over which the arrow can be captured from the open sunroof was reduced to around 30 metres. Markus, therefore, had a window of 0.5 seconds to catch the 68cm-long arrow.

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