Sunday , September 23 2018
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Buying a New SUV?


The Vital Components that Make a Great Deal As car manufacturers have started to compete in the ever expanding SUV market, they have found that to compete they have needed to improve the selling points of their vehicles. This has been an excellent development for the buyer, but making a …

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Car and Driveway as Untapped Money Makers

Money Tips

These days who isn’t thinking about making a little extra money on the side? With the cost of living and fuel prices increasing, we could all do with some cash to add to the pile. Many of us are becoming savvier about not only saving money, but also making money, …

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2 Most Obnoxious Road Stresses

Road Rage

Aggressive driving is a common phenomenon, especially nowadays that we are living the worst recession of the century. People, mainly due to the financial strain they are facing, are so stressed out about finding ways to make ends meet and dealing with job loss, among others that once they get …

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F1 Fans IQ Test


Santander UK encourages F1 fans to take pole position in an IQ Test Timed questions will check Internet users knowledge and reflexes about aforesaid sport Winners may get a trip to attend Abu Dhabi GP next November 23th September 8th – Madrid, Spain. Santander, a retail and commercial bank based …

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7 Essential Checks for Tyre Safety

Tyre Safety

Good maintenance of tyres will not only save you from accidents, it will also help you reduce the overall car expenditures in a year. In this article, we have outlined some tips for you. Tyre failure can be prevented by following 7 these tips. It is recommended to have a …

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7 Simple Ways to Save Fuel and Cash

Save fuel and money

We all want to save money, and with fuel getting more expensive, bringing down the cost of motoring is a great way of doing this. So, here’s 7 Simple Ways to Save Fuel and Cash that mean you can start saving money the next time you jump in your car. …

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The Benefits Of Breakdown Cover

Breakdown Cover

Every year the nation’s motorists stump up for car insurance. It’s expensive and we don’t want to fork out but the law requires that we have it. There’s no choice because we also want to financially protect our costly investment from theft and damage. This begs the question, why don’t …

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Fix Your Paint Job Woes

Dr ColourChip

Introducing Dr ColourChip’s Revolutionary Formula As a community of car enthusiasts, it’s safe to say that every Automotive Blog reader cringes at the thought of unsightly paint chips on an otherwise pristine vehicle. Whether your 4WD has fallen victim to a shower of country road gravel or you’ve chipped you …

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Exporting your car from the UK?

export cars UK

What you need to know: If you are thinking about exporting cars from the UK, there are several things to consider in order to do things properly.  These include: Deciding how long your car needs to be out of the country for.  There are different rules and processes depending on …

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Are You Over The Limit?

Are you over the limit?

Although drink driving offences are declining in the UK there were still 90,000 convictions for drink driving in 2013, which means that the drink drive message is not getting through to some. This could be because some people aren’t aware of the drink driving limit in the UK, or that …

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