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How To Buy a Used Car

People who earn average money – and that’s most of us – know how hard it can be to buy and run a car in these days of financial hardship. Costs keep rising across the whole gamut of our lives and sometimes it seems that car ownership is becoming a …

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5 Best Apps For Drivers

There are apps for everything these days, and there is no shortage of car and driving-related apps. Whether it’s a useful and practical app or one that’s for pure driving enjoyment, here are five must-have apps for any car lover: Parking Aid If you’ve ever parked up quickly in unfamiliar …

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Peugeot 206 Coupé Cabriolet

Despite the large amount of criticism this little car has received, to our minds the Peugeot 206 Coupé Cabriolet with its folding metal roof is by far the best of the range and when it was launched in 2001 it set new standards in small car innovation. It had a …

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The Low-Down on French Cars

Peugeot 207

France conjures images of great food, Parisian nightlife, beautiful women and San Tropez beaches. It has also been the source of some great cars. Renault was absent from the US market for 20 years and had a less-than-stellar reputation due to such cars as the Alliance, 12 and Le Car. …

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SEAT Unveils More Conservative Fourth Generation Toledo

Spanish car manufacturer SEAT has released details of their long-awaited fourth generation Toledo, which is set to wash up on UK shores in Q1 of 2013, after its initial launch on their home Spanish turf. With most people associating SEAT with their very popular Ibiza and Leon models, the Toledo …

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Porsche Cayenne GTS: The Best Sporty 4×4 Ever?

Porsche already has a fast 4×4 in the form of the Cayenne Turbo, but thought there was still room for a new GTS – the more driver focused version without the two turbochargers, but with more thorough tuning on the 4.8-litre V8 engine. It falls short 79bhp on the Cayenne …

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New Audi TT For 2014

It’s amazing and slightly worrying – in a passing of time sort of way – to note that the Audi TT has been with us since 1998. It was revamped in 2006 and will be again in 2014. The next TT, we are told, will be ‘more dynamic and performance …

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